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The Kraken is gaining momentum, everyone is well aware that this resource is essentially the same hydra, but with a different name and under a different brand. It is worth noting that krmp may be of interest not only to lovers of illegal substances, but also to sellers of these drugs.On the kraken site, you can open your own shop selling drugs or other products and trade to your heart's content. How to do it? - we understand in this article.

How to open a shop on the KRAKEN?

To open a store, you first need to register. If you have already used the krmp website as a buyer, it is better to create a new account with a new username and a strong password. Next, when the account is created, you need to read the terms of placement. It should be responsibly attributed to the study of the rules, so as not to run into a fine or store blocking. If everything is clear with the rules, you will need to submit an application tosupport, you can do this from your personal account by clicking on the Create ticket button. In the ticket, you must indicate the name of the application for opening a store, as well as come up with and indicate the name of your future store. The name should not be repeated or be consonant with existing pages on the site. After submitting the application within a short period of time, the application will be reviewed and, if approved, the store will be opened. Each store will be assigned its own moderator who can help in the difficulties that have arisen.